2008 JUNO Nomination

"The alive and vital Twotet/Deuxtet, from cellist Matt Brubeck and pianist David Braid, is a recording to celebrate and become immersed in."
Budd Kopman All About Jazz

"In all, this recording is well produced and performed with supreme confidence. But the most enduring quality of the music is its uncommon marriage of styles which are blended seamlessly in the masters' hands."
Scene Magazine (UK)

"Brubeck's "Huevos Verdes y Jamon" has a Hispano-Caribbean lilt worthy of Sonny Rollins or Chick Corea, Braid's "Mnemosyne's March" Brahmsian gravity and beauty of line."
Doug Ramsey Rifftides

"Their accomplishments here and elsewhere make the listener forget that jazz piano-cello combinations are seriously rare...this gifted pair delivers new music that glows with clarity and depth..."
Geoff Chapman,CODA

"Brubeck’s soaring lyricism, driving bass lines and agile bowed improvisations merge with Braid’s pianistic invention in an ideal combination.”
Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Knowing Braid's remarkable work over the last half decade, the discovery here for me is Matt Brubeck, and his master of the cello. Arco, pizzicato, caressing or grooving, he;s a full measure of jazz player, despite the rarity of his axe"
Ted O'Reilly wholenote

"...pulsating percussive rhythm sets the stage for exploration of the theme - sliding gracefully into a cello break of pleasing classically tinged tonal musings that create emotions of high drama, solitude and passion."

"This is a duo of like-minded musicians who seem to know each other well and they make some very enjoyable music full of melody and energy."
 © Cadence Magazine 2008 

"Wide-ranging, exploratory, contemplative and at times surprisingly funky."
South China Morning Post

"Mr. Brubeck and Braid are wonderfully talented musicians with a completely unique sound."
A. Allsop, Jazz Syndicate Radio, UK

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