High Fidelity  partial discography

Matt Brubeck and Caylie Staples


The Lily (EP)



Silence Collective




Bar Code Free Music, 2020

Silence Collective


Apprehension Engine - The Murmuring


Bar Code Free Music, 2018

Ugly Beauties


Strange Attractors


UB, 2017

Stretch Orchestra


Stretch Orchestra


SO, 2011

Ugly Beauties


Ugly Beauties


Ambience Magnetique, 2009

Rose Cousins


The Send Off


Farm Pony Records, 2009

Yo-Yo Ma


Songs of Joy and Peace


Sony, 2008

Carlos del Junco


Steady Movin'


Northern Blues, 2008

Brubeck Braid




BB, 2007

Tom Waits




Anti, 2006

Sisters Euclid


Faith Cola


Poverty Playlist, 2006

Wild Strawberries


Deformative Years


Universal Music, 2005

Dixie Chicks


Top of the World Tour


Sony, 2003

Tom Waits




Anti, 2002

Tom Waits


Blood Money


Anti, 2002

Sheryl Crow


C'mon, C'mon


A&M, 2002

Tracy Chapman


Let It Rain


Elektra, 2002

Dave Brubeck


Live with the London Symphony Orchestra


LSO, 2001

Jonathan Richman


Her Mystery Not of High Heels...


Vapor, 2001

Wild Strawberries




Universal Music, 2000

John Schott


Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel


New World Records, 2000

Sheryl Crow


Sheryl Crow and Friends: Live from Central Park


A&M, 1999

Oranj Symphonette


The Oranj Album


Rykodisc, 1998

Action Plus+




Nocturnal Love Feast, 1997

Club Foot Orchestra


Plays Nino Rota


Rastascan Records, 1997

Oranj Symphonette


Oranj Symphonette Plays Mancini


Rykodisc, 1996

Tom Waits


The Black Rider


Island Records, 1993

Tom Waits


Night On Earth


Island Records, 1992